I Hate Running

I have longed to be that person who is able to lace up their runners, throw on a great playlist, open the door and hit the pavement. To be able to glide, seemingly, effortlessly down the road and across the trails…it seems so attainable, so easy…but really, it’s friggin hard. For me, anyhow.

Not that I usually have the kid-free time to be able to just open the door and run. But if the big kid isn’t home, I could strap the little kid into the stroller and give it a go. Alas…I am not that person. Not right now anyhow.

Growing up I was the chunky, overweight kid. Phys Ed class was always a nightmare. But in grade 10, my first year in high school and the last year of mandatory P.E. (yay!), I actually got a teacher that encouraged me. That believed I could do this and play that. And she gave me an ‘A’. Amazing. She was a great teacher. Around this time I also started going to the gym and actually got interested in caring about being healthier.

When I hit my early 20s, the motivation hit me to lose the weight. To really lose the weight. And I did. I felt like a new person, and I kept it all off for a number of years until I got pregnant for the first time. Slipping back into some old habits (compounded by a number of factors; moving cities, starting a new job, buying a house, having a husband that was always working out of town, etc etc), I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant with Makenna. Up and down between pregnancies, losing a pregnancy in between, and then having a crazy year last year; separating from the husband, the stress of being a single mom of a 3 year old and newborn, and having a child with an unexpected genetic condition… well it didn’t help in the getting healthy department. The lack of sleep and stress definitely got the best of me.

Back in January I flipped the switch again. I made the decision. This was it…I am going to do it again. I’ve always been mildly obsessed with numbers. I like nice, even, pretty numbers (yes, sounds crazy!). So I thought… the year, 2013. Hrmmm. Nothing really even or nice about that number. What will this year be like? I tossed my ridiculous number theory out the window and decided this was it. 2013 was going to be my year. The year.

I have a treadmill. Oh yes, back to the running thing. It sat unused or used infrequently for the first 6 months after the kids and I moved into our new place. For those first few months, I would tell myself, man…I’m a single mom now to two young kids, ain’t nobody got time for that! 😉 Did I ever have some good excuses. But then a few things happened (the flea incident of August 2012? Yeah…you don’t want the details!), and holy crap, did I realize how much time I could find in the day if it was necessary.

I started reading a bit about fitness and discovered that steady state aerobic exercise isn’t the end all, be all of getting fit and losing fat. In fact, you can get a much more effective work out in, in much less time!, with HIIT (high intensity interval training). So that’s what I do on the treadmill. I’m far from calling myself a runner, but I sprint like crazy, alternating with less intense periods of recovery, for 20-30 minutes. I try to do this at least 5 times/week. I usually think I’m close to dying by the end of it and sometimes puke in my mouth a little (TMI?!)…but when the going gets tough these days, this is what I repeat to myself… “I gave birth to a 10lb baby, I gave birth to a 10lb baby”. I can do anything for 20 minutes. Sometimes the most rewarding things come when we get a little uncomfortable. Even if I hate running.

47.2lbs and counting…


About Tammy

I am a single mother to 2 wonderful children, ages 1 and 5. My youngest was surprisingly born with a rare genetic condition, achondroplasia, which is a type of dwarfism. This blog is a glimpse into my crazy life as I wade through figuring out dwarfism and divorce while enjoying every second of my deficient domestic bliss.
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5 Responses to I Hate Running

  1. JennyG says:

    Tammy…you are an inspiration to me. 47.2lbs is amazing. Hell 10 lbs is amazing when you have two kids. Congratulations, you look fabulous. Love, Jenny

  2. Jill says:

    The hard work is paying off in spades. You look terrific!

  3. Way to go! I too have struggled (and still do!) with my weight so I can totally relate!

    I always joke that if someone catches me running, they should call the cops, because I’m in trouble, haha.

    My poison of choice is AquaFit, and they do a lot of HIIT training in the cardio sections of the classes.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Tammy says:

      Haha! Thank you! I did aquafit a few years ago and loved it! I’ve been relying on the treadmill heavily.. as it requires no babysitters 😉 But I do love the pool, swimming… might have to think about adding it back into my routine 🙂

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