Are We Having a Bad Day, Mom?

Let me paint you a picture. Cranky, needy baby, who was up for the morning too early and who didn’t have a very long nap, is whining and crawling under my feet in the kitchen while I try to clean up some dishes.

Picture this.

Except loud, tear-filled, and pink eyed (did I mention his sister passed along the pink eye?). And I thought putting drops into the 4 year old’s eyes was bad. I have to do Declan’s twice as often (that’s 4 times/day). Let me tell ya, the little guy puts up a good fight.

Back to my painting…I’m rinsing my lunch plate in the sink, readying it for the dishwasher when it slips from my hands and falls into the sink. It breaks right in half, also breaking the bowl it used as a landing pad. Baby cries louder. Makenna, who is taking it all in while talking incessantly (and louder and louder, to beat the baby’s decibels, of course) slips on the floor and lands hard on her bum.

I console the clumsy preschooler, and eventually pick up the overtired and whiney baby, and everyone calms down. It’s quiet for a millisecond and Makenna asks “Are we having a bad day, Mom?”

I guess you could say that. Well…we had a pretty good morning. But a nap cut way too short, combined with the other things that fell out of place did make for some unwelcome moments in the afternoon. But we got out of the house and all was made better by some fresh air for everyone and some caffeine for mom (oh, and grandma cooked us dinner, yay!).

I’ve read some debate lately on the ‘mom blog’. One of the criticisms is that many only depict a perfect life of mom and her babies and kids at home. That it perpetuates the notion that women are only happy to be in the home fussing over their children and house (taking it so far as to call ‘mommy blogs’ a step back for feminism). Which, for the record, I totally don’t agree with.

I struggled and debated for weeks and weeks about what to call my blog. I was wasting time and just wanted to get it up and running, so I went with this. I wasn’t sold on it for a long time…but now I have stopped thinking about it too much. Before I launched the blog I kept saying “I don’t want it to be just another mom blog”….and whence came its name (did I really just type the word whence? I’m not going to lie, I totally googled to confirm its correct use 😉 ).

I’m not certain why I didn’t want to be just another mom blog. Maybe because there are a lot out there and I thought no one would care it one more popped up in internet-land. As a single mom, newly separated from her husband, trying to navigate the world with two young children, one of which was recently born with a rare genetic condition…I didn’t think I fit into the ‘mom blog’ mould that I was used to seeing. Maybe I thought I had something different to offer the blog readers out there.

I love it when I check my blog stats and see that people have found me by searching for…dwarfism blog, dwarfism bloggers, blogs about dwarfism, blog achondroplasia, dwarfism in babies, and so on. I hope that there’s something here that those new parents or parents-to-be (or family members, or whoever!) find helpful or useful.

Whether I’m just another mom blog or not, I’m glad that I took the leap and we’re up and running. Staying at home with my kids, I like to write about some of the fun stuff we do. I like to share happy pictures. But based on my tagline and current life circumstance…definitely not a perfect life (what is perfect, anyhow?). We all have those bad days or moments…I just might not take (as many 😉 ) pictures or blog about them.


About Tammy

I am a single mother to 2 wonderful children, ages 1 and 5. My youngest was surprisingly born with a rare genetic condition, achondroplasia, which is a type of dwarfism. This blog is a glimpse into my crazy life as I wade through figuring out dwarfism and divorce while enjoying every second of my deficient domestic bliss.
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2 Responses to Are We Having a Bad Day, Mom?

  1. PIHM says:

    I think I agree with the article that mummy blogs which are exclusively about how cute the babies are, are a step back for feminism. I can say that because a long time ago for a short while, I had one of those embarrassing blogs. I think your blog and mine are different, my mission is to compile all the information that is available about hypochondroplasia and help families by sharing knowledge. Sure, I will do some mummy stuff along the way, because I am a mother and I can’t be posting about my day to day corporate life… Your blog is well written and intelligent, not a step back for feminism at all 🙂 Then again do you know the Crappy pictures blog, I think that is rather progressive entertainment…

  2. Tammy says:

    Thank you 🙂 I just realized that I didn’t have you listed on my blog roll…just added you! And now you have me intrigued with the crappy pictures blog. Dare I check it out?! 😉

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