Three Things Thursday

These three things are brought to you by the letter I today.

1. Declan had an appointment this morning with a pediatric ophthalmologist. His neurologist not only wanted his eyes checked out, but more importantly to see if there was any intracranial pressure (from his asymptomatic hydrocephalus). It’s an ‘easy’ check in the interim while we wait for his next MRI when he is 2-2.5 years old. He was his usual rock-star self, and thankfully his eyes look great and the doctor could see no signs of any pressure. Yay!

He wants to see Declan again when his fontanelle (soft spot) has fully closed. It tends to close a bit later than average in children with achondroplasia. Which is not a bad thing. With the fontanelle still open, it acts as a natural way to relieve any pressure from the excess fluid that might be in there.

2. Someone else’s eyes were not quite as good today. Last night Makenna spent the night at her grandparent’s house, so they could take her to preschool in the morning, while I took Declan to our super early appointment in the city (an hour away). Her eyes were a bit goopy, red and irritated last night.. and were bad throughout the night as well. There was no preschool for her and when we got back home from Victoria, it was her turn to see the doctor for her eyes. Conjunctivitis…otherwise known as pink eye, of course! This is our first time dealing with pink eye… she was not too happy when I put the drops in her eyes tonight. I only have to do that 13 more times (twice/day for 1 week)….oh yay.

(The ‘Yay’ in #1 was a true happy ‘yay’. Little bit of sarcasm there in #2’s ‘yay’) 😉

3. I (bear with me, if you’re still following) had thought of doing a big blog tonight in honour of a big day tomorrow. It might just be a certain someone’s *cough* birthday *cough*. In less than twelve hours I will be the ripe old age of 32. Hrmm.. sounds a little old if I think back to my 20 year old self. But here, right now, it doesn’t seem old. I don’t feel old. I guess that’s a good thing. I thought of doing a twist on my ‘three things’ blog and instead writing up ’32 things’, but after today’s run around, driving all over southern Vancouver Island, and seeing too many doctors, I’m just sitting down now with my (cold) dinner…and I’m tired. Did I mention that Declan didn’t nap today? Save for 30 minutes in the car. Yeah…tired.

One last thing though.

These two?

Best damn thing that I‘ve done in my 32 years.


About Tammy

I am a single mother to 2 wonderful children, ages 1 and 5. My youngest was surprisingly born with a rare genetic condition, achondroplasia, which is a type of dwarfism. This blog is a glimpse into my crazy life as I wade through figuring out dwarfism and divorce while enjoying every second of my deficient domestic bliss.
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5 Responses to Three Things Thursday

  1. PIHM says:

    Conjunctivitis is the devil. If I recall correctly some Australian research says that the drops only reduce the duration by 2-3 days, so unless the doc is very sure it is bacterial, we never bother anymore. The only thing I will say is, wash your hands super well not to catch it, because our kids would have it for like 5-6 days and me and my husband would not be able to get rid of it for weeks… Hope she gets better soon, it’s very unpleasant really.

    • Tammy says:

      I’m trying to keep on top of her.. with no touching her brother with her hands or face, and washing our hands like crazy. I’m reeeeeally hoping Declan and I don’t get it, but I won’t hold my breath. Still.. my fingers are crossed!

  2. Kerri says:

    I don’t know how I haven’t found your blog before, I LOVE IT!! Our youngest of 2 girls also has achondroplasia. I hope you don’t mind, I would like to add your blog to my sidebar, it helps me keep track of updates. Let me know if it’s not ok.

    ps your kids are adorable!!

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