Just Call Me Papa Bear

Because, “Ahh, ahhhh…chooooo! I never get sick”.  Now that’s a silly Berenstain Bears reference, for everyone out there. You see brother and sister bear are due for a check-up at the doctor and so papa bear goes with them. Along the way he’s sneezing and blaming it on the dusty dirt roads, and the bright sunlight, all the while saying that he never gets sick. And at the end, papa bear gets the once over from the doctor, and of course he’s gotten himself sick.

I pulled a papa bear once. During my first year of university I lived in on campus in residence housing.  I remember bragging about how I never get sick, whenever another person on our floor was down and out with some cold or flu bug. A few months pass and I was still going strong. The whole first semester finishes and right in the middle of my final exams it hits me. Papa bear gets sick. (Really, it was inevitable. 20-odd 18 and 19 year olds living on the same floor and sharing bathrooms and a kitchen. Hello germ factory).

I was a sad image…barely making it back home for Christmas holidays after my last exam. I was in rough shape when my mom picked me up at the ferry. That night I ended up passing out in the kitchen, and I remember crawling to my parent’s room where they were sleeping because I couldn’t get back up on my feet. I don’t think I had eaten or drank anything in a while. Good thing I was still just a kid and at home where my mom nursed me back to health. (Hell…my mom still helps us and brings me supplies when we’re really sick). Thank you mom!

That was just a blip in the radar. For the most part, my immune system is pretty great. I might average one cold each year. Until this September. It seems I have been hit with everything freakin bug out there. I get a few days of reprieve, maybe a week or so if I’m lucky, and then something else invades my body. My immune system has never taken such a hit.

I started getting the all-telling tickle in my throat a few days ago. I ignored it, of course; ‘Nope, not getting sick again. Impossible!’. But here I am; sore throat, watery eyes, stuffed up sinuses, coughing. Makes me want to scream! It’s never been more true…I am sick of being sick.

But still, I carry on. Despite the ticklish throat, cough attack (cue watering eyes) in the grocery store…groceries still need to be bought, party supplies need to be gathered. There’s a wee celebration happening this weekend, and I’ll be damned if I let anything stop me from enjoying it. That said…I seriously need some immune system boosting. Please share with me what you do. I will try anything!

Oh yes…and this little holiday called Christmas is approaching. I need to get myself healthy!

A sneak peek…

What’s up big sis?!

Photo credit: TMH Photography.

About Tammy

I am a single mother to 2 wonderful children, ages 1 and 5. My youngest was surprisingly born with a rare genetic condition, achondroplasia, which is a type of dwarfism. This blog is a glimpse into my crazy life as I wade through figuring out dwarfism and divorce while enjoying every second of my deficient domestic bliss.
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6 Responses to Just Call Me Papa Bear

  1. noee01 says:

    Sweet photo! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. noee01 says:

    I hope you don’t mind, I have added your blog to mine. I just switched over to wordpress, and my blog is http://www.twoprincesandaprincess.wordpress.com

    • Tammy says:

      For sure! I will add your link to my list of blogs as well. We didn’t get a chance to officially meet at the picnic in the summer…I was hoping to see you last weekend! Next time 🙂

  3. Marla says:

    Love it…they are both too cute

  4. Kirstin says:

    Vitamin D 1,000 ui each day when healthy, 3,000 ui when sick – Vitamin C 1,000 mg when healthy 3,000 mg when sick…. Ps. these are great to read:) I am a fan!

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